Samantha J attacked by her own dog

September 13, 2021
Samantha J showing the bruises on her back.
Samantha J showing the bruises on her back.
Samantha J with son Trillion and their pet dog Hulk. She is uncertain what to do with the animal now.
Samantha J with son Trillion and their pet dog Hulk. She is uncertain what to do with the animal now.

Stephanie Lyew

STAR Writer

Recording artiste Samantha J was rushed to a Los Angeles hospital by her boyfriend on Sunday after she was mauled by her pet dog.

The Bad Like Yuh singjay says the experience was a traumatic one, having raised the animal since he was two months old. The dog, named Hulk, is a Japanese Akita.

According to Samantha J, she knows he is of an aggressive breed, trained to fight bears or hunt animals, but she was still surprised.

"Of course, when he was a puppy, he used to be an indoor dog, now he remains in the backyard all the time," she said. "Hulk is the same age as my son, Trillion. They were even born in the same month (January 2019), and they basically grew up together until last year, when I moved into a bigger house. My baby loves him so much, even though recently, Trillion only gets to play with Hulk through the glass door because he is so big in height and weight."

Samantha J said she doesn't know what spurred Hulk to attack.

"Long story short, my grandma was following behind me and when I was going to step through the door, he was nowhere in sight. All of a sudden, he runs up as if he is going after her. I pulled the door as close as I could get it, because he was starting to squeeze in, as if trying to get inside," she said. "Then when I made my way back outside, he jumped on me and it was like his claws came out and scratched me up. My left arm has big holes from being pierced by his canines and then a bunch of smaller holes from the other teeth."

In 2018, Samantha J broke her teeth, jaw and right arm after falling while at a hotel in Belize. She is anxious about the recovery process, having gone through therapy from that.

"I am still feeling terrified, disappointed and heartbroken by it. I thought Hulk was just going to snap at me, but it was a vicious attack. Throughout the entire time I didn't scream, even as I started to feel like his teeth were touching my bones over and over again. I was just in shock trying to open his mouth and fight him off at the same time with my right arm," Samantha J shared. The entertainer said she finally screamed when she eventually made it back home, but had to control her emotions to avoid scaring her baby.

"The X-rays, which were done immediately, showed that no bones are actually broken, but he tore my muscle and I am unable to move it. A part of my wrist is looking like I need to return to the doctor, because I was told dog bites can get easily infected and it's looking strange. My back is the least," she said. Samantha J said that in the US, dogs that attack humans are usually put to sleep.

"Trillion loves him, but now I don't trust him being in the same environment as my baby. Right now, Hulk is in the backyard and no one (is) daring to go near to him. I wish I could find someone that won't put him to sleep because it is unfortunate," Samantha J said.

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