Gage has ‘no interest’ in investment companies - ‘SSL’ deejay prepares to travel to the US

January 27, 2023

For Gage, the road to the music industry is not always clear-cut, but he said he is not about one of the dancehall entertainers who gets left behind.

Continuing on the momentum of the reception his latest singles have received, Gage said that he is busy recording more "solid music" to add to his catalogue and is more focused on the preparations to travel to the US in the coming months for some shows. "Me in the process of working on my work permit," Gage told THE WEEKEND STAR.

Earlier this week, the dancehall deejay simultaneously released two topical singles, Wha Gwaan and SSL, which are currently in YouTube's top 10 trending. Gage said both tracks address relevant issues that he "just wanted to lend my voice to".

In SSL, the deejay lyrically probes into the fraud case involving Stocks and Securities Limited (SSL), a private investment firm in which US$12.7 million was reportedly fleeced from an account belonging to sprint legend Usain Bolt. Gage creatively demands an answer for the missing money. Noting Bolt's unfortunate loss, Gage expressed indifference towards investment firms and schemes provided by financial companies like SSL.

"I can invest my own money; I'm good, and I've been taught how to save," he said. Gage has not confirmed if he will make a follow-up track to SSL that speaks about new developments in the ongoing investigation. Other disgruntled dancehall entertainers have voiced their support for Bolt, including Mavado, Christopher Martin and Bounty Killer, but Gage was the first to release a song that sparked more conversation around the case of the missing money.

In Wha Gwaan, Gage zooms in on the state of dancehall. He said that he was not concerned whether one song would garner more attention than the other.

"The industry is moving at a very fast pace and the attention one song gets helps the other because people will click to see what else I have to say. I just wanted to reach the people [with SSL] because it's a crazy situation that needs more voice," Gage said.

"Ah tonne ah music a faawud out this year because I'm working on a album for the last quarter of 2023 ... just expect big things from Gage," he said.

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