Intra determined to avoid ‘one-hit wonder’ tag

January 27, 2023

Determined to capitalise on the success of his 2020 breakout single Round A 1 Part, dancehall newcomer Intra is working at his craft to become a household name.

"Honestly, when dah song deh drop, a lot of people reach out to me and mi do dubs (dubplates). A really the song gimme tha exposure deh fi be able fi do that," Intra shared.

He said that the song developed from a single line as he searched for rhymes to complement it.

"I was writing something saying anuh story weh pickney dem mek up and talk like a country man, so I thought what could rhyme with it and that's what came to mind, 'Round a one part'," he recalled.

Born Dwight Burns Francis, the Calabar High School alumni admitted that he developed his appreciation for music while attending the institution. He was also on the choir.

"In music class, one of our tests was to learn to play the recorder. I learned it and passed the test, so being in the choir gave me inspiration to do music as a music listener," he explained.

Intra emphasised that he does not rush his creative process, but is steadily developing his craft to produce quality records, a practice he started when he was an amateur.

"I've faced many challenges from taking time out to understand my sound and the voices required to make a record, to paying for studio time in the past to see if I was even good enough to record, then eventually being at studios and doing non-professional recording until given opportunities to go mainstream," he said.

He has since teamed up with Chronic Law for the effort Big 4 x 4.

"I'm currently working on a video for a new song called Faith, produced by PaperBwoy Music, which is a label that I strongly support. I'm currently working on a EP to be released and distributed from a overseas label while we are currently working on collaborations with hip hop and R&B artistes," he shared.

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