Hi-tech ganja farm discovered in man’s house

October 22, 2021

Police in Kingston discovered a hydroponic ganja farm inside a man’s home at Lyndhurst Drive, Kingston 5. Hydroponics involves growing plants without soil.

The occupant, Courtney Bailey, was on Thursday brought before the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on charges of possession of, dealing in and cultivating ganja. He has not yet entered a plea.

The allegations are that police acting on intelligence, went to a house on Lyndhurst Drive, Kingston 5, with a warrant. Bailey indicated to the police that he is not the owner but he occupies a room on the premises.

The court heard that when the room was searched, 23 fully grown ganja plants were found, weighing eight pounds and six ounces.

Two LED 4000-watt lights, four exhaust fans, one carbon filter, one pressure spray pan, three surge protectors, one bottle of calcium and vitamin nutrients, one timer and one master controller were also seen in the room.

The court heard that when the police cautioned Bailey and told him that he was in breach of the Dangerous Drugs Act, Bailey replied “Officer, a likkle weed me a plant for smoking purposes.”

The court heard that he was granted station bail of $100,000 but Senior Parish judge Lori-Ann Cole-Montague ordered that he should be finger-printed. He has also been ordered to surrender his travel documents and a stop order was imposed. He is also to report to the police three days per week and is not to visit the Lyndhurst Drive premises.

Bailey is to return to court on December 9.










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