Essentials for the summer

June 28, 2022

As Jamaicans enjoy the first summer since 2019 that is not restricted by lockdowns caused by the novel coronavirus, outside is a must. But as we partake in the festivities that are sure to be jam-packed in the coming weeks, here are five summer essentials that are sure to make your vacation just a little easier.


Whether it be a baseball cap or a bellowing beach hat, having something to provide a little bit of shade can make a world of difference when the sun is out and stunting. A hat can even give you a bit of leeway if you've neglected a visit to your barber or if your wig just isn't laid like it should be. The options are endless this summer when it comes to fashion forward headwear.


A simple pair of sunglasses can turn any regular outfit into an absolute look! Let's not forget that it also includes the added bonus of protecting your eyes from harmful ultraviolet light rays. So block out your haters this summer with a pair of sunglasses.


While melanin provides a natural layer of protection from the sun's harmful rays, black people shouldn't skip applying sunscreen when 'braffing' this summer. Although melanoma, the most serious type of skin cancer, is more commonly found in white men and women, black and brown people are still at risk. Whether it be a beach day or a casual daytime outing, sunscreen products with an SPF of 30 or higher are ideal when applied 30 minutes before going outside.

Water Bottle

Sun hot but we hotter! Thirst shows up as dry lips and dull skin and we can't have that when we're outside. Ensure you stay hydrated this summer by always having a bottle of water. Extra points if the water bottle is reusable. #Protectdienvironment

How would we snap cute pics and update the 'Gram' on all the hot summer happenings if we didn't have a charged cell phone? Make sure you are equipped with a charger or power bank so you never get caught slipping.

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