My woman had sex with my cousin

September 09, 2021

Dear Pastor,

I am writing to you for your advice. I am 27 years old and I have a girlfriend. I love her very much. Our relationship is now two years old. When we started to become friends, I asked her to tell me the truth about herself, and I decided to tell her the truth about myself. I told her how many different girlfriends I had and when I started to have women. She told me about the different boyfriends she had, then she mentioned a name that I remembered very well. That person is a cousin of mine, but I have only met him once at a family event. She said that they only had a one-night stand, but she did not know we were cousins. She later found out that he has his girlfriend and they are living together, so she never bothered to go further in the relationship. I love this girl and I am now going to church; she is going to church, too. We would like to get married. I don't know how you see it and whether you think that we should continue to have a relationship. We have sex, but I do not like the idea that my cousin had sex with my woman. It is on my mind. I don't know what you would like to say about it.


Dear M.P.,

I suggest that you continue the relationship you are having with your girlfriend. What happened between your cousin and her took place a long time ago, and she was not even aware that you were cousins. After this guy had a one-night stand with her and she found out that he had a girlfriend, she ended the brief relationship with him. She needs to be commended for doing so. Please make your plans to marry this young woman. I wish both of you well.


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