My erection is not as strong as it used to be

September 16, 2021

Dear Pastor,

I am in my mid-40s and my wife has just turned 40 years old. We have been married for five years. My wife has two children, but we do not have children together. I do construction work. My erection is not as strong as it used to be. Even when I first met my wife, things were better with me. I could perform all right, but now I am having difficulty in getting my organ to stand up strong. My wife says that it is because I used to run around a lot. Friends told me what I should drink, but these things are not helping me. I went to see a doctor and he prescribed some tablets. They didn't help me a whole lot. Can you tell me what I should do? I am concerned because I don't want my wife to cheat on me. That is what is mostly bothering me.


Dear P.S.,

I am going to try and answer your letter by telling you a short story. There is a particular business place that I go to every December and as I walked in to it one day, a man was sitting with his friends. I said hello to all of them and turned to do my business, and one of the men told me that he was glad to see me because he was having a problem. He said that those days he was having erectile dysfunction. His erection was not strong, so he was asking me for suggestions. You are having the same problem. It is true that when a man reaches a certain age he may experience erectile dysfunction. However, a man in his 40s should not believe that all hope is lost. He might be working under stress or drinking too much or is depressed, and these may cause or have an effect on his love life. If a man uses a certain medication, that, too, can cause big problems for him. His wife would have to learn to be patient with him, and she should even accompany him to see his doctor. But that man should also bear in mind that he cannot do the things he used to do when he was in his 20s. I repeat, his woman should help him. Some men work extremely hard and may suffer from fatigue, but all hope is not lost for him. I should also let you know that the more you fret over your condition is the worse it will get. You should not worry about whether your wife would cheat. She doesn't have to cheat if both of you love each other and understand each other What she should not do is to bring pressure on you and tell you that you do not have any use. That kind of talk will make you fret. Before I go, let me suggest that you make an appointment to see an urologist.


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