He treats his ex better than me

September 17, 2021

Dear Pastor,

I am in a relationship but I don't see it going anywhere. I try my best to please my boyfriend, but he keeps getting upset over silly things. He doesn't treat me well.

He treats other women well and his ex-girlfriend and babymother is treated better than I am. I have a child for him. He does not treat me as if he wants me. Whenever he is on his phone, I have to keep quiet especially when a woman from overseas calls him. He calls her mommy. He is even using her bank card and storing money for her and he opened an account for her. He lies a lot. Last night, his babymother called him and to my surprise he pushed his hand in his underwear and was playing with his 'thing'. I asked him what was wrong; he said his thing was itching him. He stopped immediately and then he asked for wipes and wiped off his thing then threw it in my face. I realised that she is calling him more often and he is spending a long time on the phone with her and whenever I call him, he is in a hurry to hang up. The woman poisoned her children's mind against my child. She told them that the father only loves my child but he doesn't love them.


Dear Anonymous,

This man is out of order. He doesn't have any respect for you and he does not have any intention of making you his wife. He is using you. He is a good-for-nothing man and you should do your best to get a job and move out. I know jobs are very difficult to get but if you don't, he will suddenly tell you one day that the woman who is living abroad is coming to Jamaica and they are going to get married. He might not even tell you. She may come to Jamaica and they may secretly get married. You are not a floor mat but this man is treating you worse than that. I repeat, it is time for you to move on. He does not deserve you. You are too good for him.


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