Mom and her boyfriend had sex while I was on the bed

October 22, 2021

Dear Pastor,

I am 15 years old and I have a complaint to make to you. I am the only child for my mother but I do not live with her, I live with my grandmother. My grandmother raised me.

I went to spend Easter with my mother. My mother has one room and a queen-size bed. The place is comfortable. Whenever I am with my mother I feel so happy because we are almost like sisters. She tells me everything and what happened to her when she was my age. My mother has a boyfriend. I know him and he seems to be a very decent man. He came to visit and I left my mother and him talking and watching television. I went to bed and was reading and I fell asleep. During the night I felt the bed shaking. I said to myself this must be an earthquake. I woke up and realised that this man and my mother were having sex on the same bed with me. I could not understand why my mother had allowed him to be having sex with her and both of them knew that I was on the bed and the room was not very dark. It was embarrassing for me to see that. I have heard of people who have seen their parents having sex, but I did not know that it would be such an experience. This man was naked and my mother was half naked. I pretended that I fell asleep again but I was not asleep until this man was finished and my mother pulled down her nightie and he went into the bathroom. Long after that I fell asleep again. But in the morning, I told my mother that I wanted to leave and she asked me why and I told her that I was embarrassed by what she did. She said that she did not want to have sex with him, but it just happened. She said she was hoping that I would not say anything to anybody, but I can't keep it in my heart. So that is why I am telling you. What do you think of my mother?


Dear S.M.,

I do not believe your mother. What she did with this man did not 'just happen'. This man is a total stranger to you, but he is her man and she should have known that it wasn't right for him to be sleeping in the same bed with you and your mother. I would say that your mother is worthless and she didn't behave as someone who has respect for you. The man should have known not to encourage your mother to have sex right there on the same bed. I hope you will forgive her and I hope that you will not tell your grandmother what you saw. But let your mother know that you will not come back to spend any time with her if her man or any other man is visiting her at that time. But keep loving your mother because she will always be your mother.


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