Desperate to find a job

November 30, 2021

Dear Pastor,

I am a single black female living in America. I have been living here since 2001. I worked, went to school and paid my taxes. I was harassed and institutionalised on numerous occasions. It has been about three years and still I have not received any benefits from the Government. I refuse to resort to prostitution. Again, I enjoy working. Nevertheless, I cannot even afford to get a state identification card. The cost is expensive. I cannot pay my rent. I can barely afford the light bill. Thank God my father assists me with meals. I was born and raised in Kingston 20. I migrated to the USA at age 16. I have travelled to three other countries with my sister. Now, I need a job. Pray for me and I will pray for you.


Dear C,

You have been living in America for a long time, but life has not been good to you. You give the impression in your letter that you have suffered abuse. But you have received help from the Government or private institutions that cater to people with certain issues. Perhaps, there was a time when you were not well enough to work. But you believe that you are quite capable of working now.

You should discuss your situation with your doctor and he or she should be able to assist you. Jobs are not difficult to get in America today. There are thousands of jobs of all types that are available. So if you are capable of working, you should be able to get a job.

Your relatives should be able to assist you apart from just giving you food. I believe you, you need a job. Jamaicans like to help each other, so let everybody know that you are seeking a job and you should be able to get one. You accompanied your sister to other countries, she too should be able to assist you. Thank you for writing and I wish you well.


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